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Weapon InfoEdit

1. Pistol - The Pistol is your basic weapon. Long range, eight clip, medium reload

2. Uzi - The Uzi shoots in a small arc. It shoots quickly and reloads fairly fast, but does not do a lot of damage per shot.

3. Assault Rifle - The Rifle fires insanely fast. Its damage is high as long as you stay on the same target as you shoot.

4. Zapper - Shoots heated plasma at the target. It does not have a big range, but does lots of damage when up close.

5. Flame Shotgun - The Shotgun is a close range weapon that fires 5 shots which spread as they leave the barrel. Does more damage up close.

6. Sniper Rifle - Long range, accurate weapon that kills almost any player with a head shot.

7. Railgun - A long range weapon which goes through players. Takes a few seconds to reload after every shot.

8. Sticky Grenade Launcher - A gun that fires grenades that stick to any surface, even players.

9. Ice Chaingun. The chaingun takes a second to warm up, then unleashes a barrage of ice rounds at the enemy.

0. Rocket Launcher - 3 missile clip, with a long reload afterwards. The missiles can destroy any target with one direct hit, but it will do some splash damage if it misses.

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